Problems when migrate to Linux

– The first problem is the pst file: we have the huge pst files, these files cannot directly open with OO so it will take a lot of time to convert to another format. if we can find any free software that allow to open the pst file directly, we can easily switch to OO

– The second problem is Time setting in Excel: we cannot set the time format to dd/mm/yyyy in OO Calc – this is stand format in Exo office . OO Calc allows to view dd/mm/yyyy but when we edit the time, it auto switchs to mm/dd/yyyy format so users usually make a mistake when they input the time

– The third problem is Word format, most of Tour proposals are made from Word format including pictures and table. If we make these proposal files from OO , the format sometime will be changed when opening from Microsoft Word.

– The fourth problem is dedicated software in Exo like Sun System, Win compta, Banking , Ticketing & Travel Agency (Abacus, Liaison, etc), Jettour, BestTour, etc. We need to keep Microsoft Windows for these computers.

– The fifth problem is Invoice program that does not work with OO Base, users can temporary login remote desktop and open it with Microsoft Access. But we have problem about printer because Ubuntu does not allow to load printer driver in Remote Desktop.

– The sixth problem is GFI faxmaker, this software allows user send fax in Tourplan but it also allow user send fax directly from their Outlook, this one support Ms Outlook only. We total have 125 licenses for both Saigon & Office.

– The seventh problem is password protection, OO does not support password protection when we save a document to .doc or .xls , it is also incompatible with MS Office password protection.


–  Cannot open .pst file on Ubuntu.
–  Cannot deploy Group policy (pass & USB block).
–  Cannot use GFI faxmaker to send fax from Outlook.
–  Cannot open another user mailbox in Outlook to follow-up email.
–  Backup Evolution file on server.
–  Cannot use Multidictionary on Ubuntu, Stardic works but it is not convenient and don’t have enough words.

Open Office (OO):

– Cannot protect Document with password in Open Office Calc.
– Vlookup problem with the missed link (solution is to add the hyperlink).
– Cannot use the option “use microsoft word to edit email message” in Outlook.
– Don’t know how to recover the “Auto saved” document?.
– Don’t have compress picture option in OO.
– Cannot use Excel marco shortcut key in OO Calc.
– Incompatible between OO Writer & Ms Word about layout format with picture & table.
– Incompatible between OO & Ms Office about dd/mm/yy format in Excel.
– Can edit MS Office document without typing modify password and lose password protection when saving in OO.

– Cannot type Germany charactor with Vietkey.
– Cannot use short-cut Alt-Enter to break page in OO Calc.
– Format will be change when open from Microsoft Word.
– Have font trouble when copying from another document.
– Trouble with some format like background, text color, bullet & numbering.
– Cannot use special character like “-” to set the name in sheet.
– Cannot copy text document when someone open that doc in Microsoft Office.
– Don’t have warning message to show that who is opening that document.

Được sửa bởi Quang – 15 Oct 2008 lúc 2:10am


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