Setup Hotcakes/ChilliSpot 802.11 hotspot up & runn

1. What you will need:

– A modern GNU Linux Machine (to be webserver). Well tested with Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04 (as my experiences that I couldnot install suscessful with ubuntu 7.10, had try it few times already)
– Two Ethernet network cards on this Linux machine: One network card connects to the Internet. The other to an Access Point
– A WiFi Access Point: This can be any type. NOT running a DHCP server.
– Download these files:
PHPMyAdmin also
– And simple PHP programing skills to modify some web pages based on your needs

2. Installations process: I only summarise it in main steps cause it will be too long
– LAMP should be install first
– Install CakePHP with the first file i have mentioned at above
– Installing Hotcakes: CakePHP can have various applications which make use of its framework. Hotcakes is such an application.
– Create MySQL database
– Configure Free Radius to use Hotcakes: Install the second file
– Configure ChilliSpot to use Free Radius: Install the third file

3. Everything in action:
After done the installation, try and connect through the Access Point (with its own DHCP server turned off). You should see how ChilliSpot hands out an IP Address to the client machine, (a 192.168.182.x address). Try and go onto the Internet trough a browser (remember NO proxy – direct connection to the Internet). You should be redirected to the welcome page.


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